Thursday, September 6, 2018

The LATEST Feature Release in Google Classroom

In the weeks since the launch of the updates to Google Classroom, many teachers have sent feedback to the developers. Today, they release several new highly requested features. Read on to learn about those features! Keep in mind that these features will be rolling out to all users over the next few days, so if you don't see them yet- never fear! They'll show up in your Classrooms soon. 

Add Materials

Many teachers were disappointed to find that the "about" tab and the ability to add resources there is gone. Today, Google added a new option under the "Create" button on the Classwork tab labeled "Materials". This allows you to add static materials (not as an assignment or question) to the classwork tab. They can also be organized under any topic on your Classwork tab as well. I created a topic called "resources" to stay at the top of my Classwork stream where items like my syllabus and course website are housed. See the gif below to learn how to add materials to your Classroom- click to see it larger.

Add Classwork Tab

Many teachers started school around or prior to the launch of new features and had already created their Classrooms. Those classes created prior to the launch did not update with the new features. However, today Google released a feature to allow you to add the Classwork tab to your legacy classes. You can now have the Classwork Tab in your classroom created prior to the launch. Watch the gif below to learn how!

Quicker Announcements

Now, instead of having to hover over the + button in the lower right of the page to add an announcement, instead you can do it straight from the top of the stream. 

To reuse an announcement from an archived class, you just click the arrows at the far right of the announcement box, as shown below. 

Important to know

If your students are using mobile devices such as phones or tablets, they will need to update their app in order to have all the latest features. If your students using mobile devices aren't able to see materials that you've posted, this is likely the reason!

Still Coming

Some features are still currently in development, such as the ability to create a quiz from the "create" button on the Classwork tab and create locked quizzes in Forms for students using managed Chromebooks. 

I also know many teachers and students have been missing the To-Do List and the return of this feature has been highly requested. Google did also announce today that in the coming weeks, they will be bringing back the To-Do List

Hopefully, these changes will make the new Google Classroom even better for you!