Sunday, October 15, 2017

Google Classroom and Google Calendar

Today we're going to tackle questions about Google Classroom and Google Calendar. There's often confusion about the calendar generated by classroom works. Updated 8/15/2018 to reflect the new changes in Google Classroom. 

First, it's important to know that Google Classroom automatically creates a calendar for each classroom you create. You can view the calendar in Google Classroom or open it in Google Calendar. To view the calendar in Classroom, click the three lines in the upper right and click "calendar". You can choose to view all classes at once or filter by class.

To open the calendar in Google Calendar, you can click the calendar icon at the top of the classwork page.

What can I see when I click view the calendar in Google Classroom?
Here you (and students) will see a weekly view of the calendar for that Classroom. The only "events" that are visible when viewing the calendar within Classroom are assignments that are added to the stream with a due date. Nothing added to the calendar from Google Calendar will be visible when viewing the calendar in Google Classroom.

What can I see when I click the calendar icon on the Classwork tab ?
This opens the calendar for that classroom in Google Calendar. When viewing in Google Calendar, you will be able to add additional events (not associated with assignments) such as field trips, test days, quizzes, etc. To see items that you add, students will also need to click "Google Calendar" on the about tab in Google Classroom.

Will students see my personal calendar when they click the calendar icon on the Classwork tab?
No, students will not see your calendar. They will see the class calendar and their own calendar, along with any other calendars they're subscribed to or sharing. You see your calendar when clicking this link because it is yours.

Why are classroom assignments being added to my personal calendar?
They're not actually being added to your personal calendar, they're just being added to the class calendar. If you no longer wish to see these items when viewing Google Calendar, all you need to do is hide the calendar.

To hide the Classroom calendar from your view in Google Calendar, find "my calendars" in the left sidebar. Locate the calendar in question, and click it so that the box next to it is not colored. Items on this calendar will no longer be visible when viewing your calendar. Any calendar with a colored box next to it will be visible.

I hope that this helps clear up some of your confusion around Google Calendar and Google Classroom!


  1. I have got a shared Google calendar with my students. This was before I created the Google Classroom How do I use the existing class calendar as the Google Classroom calendar? Also, is there any chance to change the calendar view to the montly view?

    1. There isn't a way to do either of the things that you're asking at this time. I would personally import the events from the calendar you created to the new class calendar, and delete the independently created one. As mentioned above, when viewing the calendar in classroom, the only available view is weekly.

  2. I am looking for a tutorial on google worksheets. Any know of anything?

    1. I'm not sure what you mean. There isn't an app called "Google Worksheets".